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When you need the best to look your best, that’s what it’s all about! Your journey with us, your results and seeing clients fundamentally changing because of the steps they made with us, is why our commitment to excellence with each treatment is so important. For anybody who is doing their research or has spent months, if not years thinking about it. Trying to find the results you need, the right practitioner, company or even looking for someone similar in photos on websites as well as the financial costs. All these things can get quite stressful and become a job in itself! Making contact and having the consultation is the first ‘STEP’ to being more empowered! At Replokate & HHC, we will make sure you know it was the right decision to have made. Practitioners at Replokate & HHC are fully trained and qualified to a gold standard in Scalp MicroPigmentation Treatments, which is recognised throughout the SMP community both here in the UK and internationally as the bench mark in standards. Combining this with qualified professional creative talent, can only lead to amazing results and peace of mind for every client. SMP Academy

A life changing story

Lead practitioner and director Alex Baynes talks frankly about his journey with SMP and how Replokate & HHC and its partnership with his hair clinic came about. Firstly, no fancy sales pitch, just a real account of my own experience. I suffered from hair loss in my early twenties. This happened gradually but the effect on me was devastating. I went from being a confident, outgoing guy to being withdrawn and feeling low about my appearance. Getting mocked by the lads and constant jokes all became the norm. So, after a while, I just shaved the remainder of my hair off and grew a beard. Nearly 20 years of trying different strategies to help with my ever-receding hairline passed. I came across an article in a magazine about a revolutionary new non-surgical treatment called ‘Scalp Micro Pigmentation’ or (SMP) that was having amazing results! And when I saw the pictures I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. I did my research and found ‘His Hair Clinic’ had been at the forefront of SMP based in Harley Street since 2002 and went for a consultation. The results were life changing! I was amazed by the professionalism of the company, the process and the results. This was nothing like I imagined. I found people who really understood what it felt like to be me. More importantly, I had my natural hair line shape and my tones back.. And back for good! I received all the advice and aftercare I needed to get back to life. This changed things so much for me that I realised that I wanted to share this with others who feel the same way I did. Coming from a background as a professional fine art artist, detail was always my strong point! This is just the skills needed to be an expert as an SMP practitioner. I wanted to train with the best and work in partnership with them to create a safe, professional, high-end experience for others who are at the beginning of their journey. This then resulted in what drove me to start Replokate & HHC. An opportunity and chance to deliver trust, care and bring happiness with confidence back to people who never thought it was possible. This is a dream job for me!

What our clients are saying


I just wanted to say a big thank you! I’m going in to work today without any spray in my hair, for the first time in 10 years! The 3rd treatment was definately needed, you’re a miracle worker I’m so grateful. Thank you


Alex was my practitioner he made me feel at ease straight away instinctively knew all my concerns and issues. My First, second & third treatments went very well, seeing the changes was amazing!


It became apparent fairly quickly at the first session that Alex has the utmost attention to detail and that I was in safe hands ! After my fourth treatment I was expecting a few jibes or comments from my friends and family but the response was the complete opposite! People genuinely thought that I had decided to change from a shaved head to a Buzz Cut! I am so much more confident socially, and no longer have to wear a hat all the time. I believe choosing this company was definitely the correct decision, I’m delighted with the outcome.


So glad I made the decision to go with Replokate & HHC To be fair I was very nervous about the whole thing but the practitioner was professional and polite it made my journey a great one! The results are fantastic, can’t believe how good it looks I feel and look amazing, I can’t stress enough my thanks to everyone. Thanks guys


A massive thank you to my practitioner who completely help me to design this treatment into my life! Being in the public eye in my job, was always a concern, and how to make the jump, but adapting the process for my needs made the whole process the best out come I could have ever of hoped for. The treatment is life changing and looks fantastic! Great talent, Great company.


I had the treatment done a few years back with another company but the results were never what I had hoped for! After having my consultation I knew this was where I should have come the first time, I had two session and the results were spot on I had the detail and shape I was always looking for Brillant!

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