Your Consultation with Replokate & HHC

Your consultation will always be with the practitioner doing your treatment. The practitioner will listen & advise you on all your questions, queries and concerns that you have. We will discuss and work with you, as to what kind of look and style you wish to create. Show you where your natural hairline would have been before any loss had occurred, re-build the desired hairline unique to your head shape with wax oiled pencil guides. Explain your treatment procedure and tailor the treatment to best suit the re-introduction back into your life. Discuss any pre-treatment medical issues and preparations needed for getting ready for your first session treatment. Manage and agree your tailored treatment cost plan with you. Once you’re happy to proceed, book you into the diary system ready for your first appointment. Phone consultations are available by sending images and a brief outline of your concerns. At Replokate & HHC, our reputation only works if your finished results look AMAZING. Which is why peace of mind, discretion, professionalism and fantastic results with all of our clients is always at the top of our priorities list. All consultations are free and with no obligation. Once you’re ready to go, just call to book

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Minor Touch UPS and Scars


Receding Hairline Side Profiles


Crown and Top of Head


The Whole Head Area

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1 Year Warranty

At Replokate & HHC we understand that clients can be nervous or anxious about having the treatment and for many different reasons like…

How do I make the transition from what I have in place at the moment?

Stresses of current hair systems and their financial monthly costs, let alone the high maintenance!

The worry of maintaining make-up hair system on a daily basis

These all serve to wear you down effecting self-esteem and well-being as well as financial costs.

Replokate & HHC more than understands these concerns and will act to reassure and explain your every step through and your treatment plan process, so that you are in control and are able to move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

We can also offer the option of consultations at our Taunton and Clifton Clinics and make arrangements for VIP clients.

We understand that everyone needs time to consider the next step, which is why we are here when ‘YOU’RE’ ready to go!


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