Your SMP Treatment Consultation

With Alex Baynes from Replokate

When considering Scalp Micro Pigmentation or any treatment it is always best to consult directly with your micro pigmentation artist/practitioner doing the treatment, as he will be able to answer all of your questions you may have about the treatment in detail. 

How it works, building into you life creating a bespoke plan for you, helping you in the transition from current methods, creating & planning your new hair line, working with client’s retaining hair and clients looking to keep their heads shaved, estimating time frames, age appropriate planning, aftercare, and so on.

Also at your consultation is the opportunity to discuss, plan and visually draw your new hairline , discuss other areas of concern, covering scars and density issues, offering options for creating scars within treatments to make the treatment look aged.

And by way of design and duty of care to every client, a simple step by step breakdown at each session for reassurance and managed expectations.

Planning a face to face consultation can sometimes be challenging with busy lifestyles, work commitments family life, or active gym training schedules. 

So a few simple ways to get in touch, message direct on the website sending 2-3 images of the areas of concern, video call, phone call or via WhatsApp. Being located in Bristol we cover many key locations like Yeovil, Cornwall, Exeter, Cardiff, Bath, Birmingham, London.

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