Scalp Micropigmentation & Scarring, FUE & FUT transplants

SMP has a massive effect assisting clients who have either Follicular Unitary Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) which often leaves clients with scarring to the rear of the head. SMP allows us to blend away the scaring back into the existing hair. In some cases, clients may need LLLT treatment before having SMP. Please feel free to book a consultation with us to discuss your needs.

Scarring, FUE and FUT treatments

There are many forms of alopecia, the most common of which is Androgenetic Alopecia and it affects up to 50% of men and women by the time they reach their 40’s. Clients can be left with patching or complete loss, which can be permanent. SMP has a dramatic effect in this area for client s as it rebuilds the lost areas of patching and can rebuild the whole head of hair when suffering total loss.

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Taking Action is the first step

If you’ve invested time and money in having a hair transplant but didn’t get the result’s you hoped for, then the SMP treatment can take you to the next level giving the appearance of a denser fuller head of hair complementing your existing FUE or FUT transplants. SMP treatment can reduce by up to 90% the scarring left from both procedures at the rear of a clients head allowing you to either keep the hair short / styled or having a buzzcut finish. Clients looking to have the SMP treatment post FUE or FUT procedures should wait 12-18 months before considering this treatment. Scars should have turned from pink to white as a guide, also if clients have had scar damage which has left the skin raised or uneven having a course of LLLT treatment can leave the skin much flatter making the SMP treatment look even better. Clients will also notice a little more discomfort in the scar areas when having SMP our practitioners will advise on the best pain relief options.In some cases patching or fading can occur in scar areas but this can be resolved and adjusted in between clients sessions. Completing your treatment plan is the key to a successful result as each session builds up to the final goal.

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Getting down to business

Session 1

  • Marking out your natural hairline shape and adjusting side profiles where needed until you are happy to proceed.
  • For clients with shaved heads cutting the hair to required length.
  • Creating your first layer of follical tones with an open density working into your existing hair line areas.
  • Session times are normally 3-4 hours once completed we go through your seven day aftercare information.

Session 2

  • For clients with shaved heads cutting the hair to required length.
  • Repeating the process over the areas of concern making corrections and adjustments and treating any patching.
  • Working on your next layer of tones going in between your first session layer building up your core information.
  • Session times are a little longer on session 2 once completed we go through your fourteen day aftercare information.

Session 3

  • For clients with shaved heads cutting the hair to required length.
  • Returning back from your fourteen day healing period addressing any corrections or adjustments and treating any patching.
  • Recreating your follicle hair line patterns and detail layer mating your existing hair colour tones.
  • Session time are around 4-3 hours to complete once completed we go through your aftercare information and how to protect it.
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Your hair line restored

  • Sessions range from 3-4 hours, average total time from 9 hours to 16 hours over 4-7 weeks
  • Tailored treatment plans made affordable to the clients budget
  • Work closely with the clients wishes mixed with our expertise for treatment outcome
  • Supplied pre – post treatment information and assistance
  • Reconstruction and blending into existing hair for a perfect match
  • Created sort hairlines and hair patterns for a natural finish
  • Rebuilt clients confidence and well being with a non- surgical permanent solution.

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Non- Surgical
Permanent Solution


Minimum Pain
No Anaesthetics


Fast Results
over 4-6 Weeks


Immediate Results
Well Being Restored